RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

It is the new technique to publish your web content or your new updates to the various sites and thereby targeting your intended audience. Nowadays articles or new updates sent through emails will be mostly rejected as spam. The other method adopted was submitting to the ezine article directories but article writers or publishers did not want their personal details to be given to these directories on subscription thereby inviting higher possibility of spam enters to their own site.But in this RSS feed technology your content will be neither rejected as spam nor reveal your personal details to others.

RSS feeds commonly generated in XML files. XML files are very similar to HTML files. It can be only read through RSS readers/Aggregators. RSS readers are specialized softwares that are developed to read XML files created for RSS feed.

RSS feeds mainly contain Title, summary of the website/webpage and link to that website/webpage. You can subscribe RSS feeds from other sites of interest or you may allow your RSS feed be subscribed to other sites.

Every site will have a small button called XML/RSS pasted in the home page which has a link to the XML file. We can simply click add to add this feed.

The benefits of RSS feed are,

Your site readers will read your content summaries in a short period time and they can directly select from the list of summaries to view the full version of content that is linked to your site in which they are interested. It will save lot of time to the reader by preventing the reader visiting all the unwanted pages.

Whenever you update your site content or posting new posts, it will be automatically updated in your subscriber’s sites. So the updated news is immediately available to your site readers.

It will also promote ranking in the search engines because search engines always reward sites with good content and which often refreshes its contents for new updates and upcoming events.


Tanu said...
Thursday, February 23, 2006 12:28:00 PM

Could you please explain in deatil how to apply RSS feed

Ravi said...
Thursday, February 23, 2006 8:20:00 PM

Hello tanu,

“How to apply” for where????

Plz explain I am confused

Chris said...
Thursday, February 23, 2006 9:24:00 PM

Sorry, I cannot understand your question fully but let me explain how to subscribe a RSS feed with an example.

Assume that you are very much interested in BBC News and you really need to know latest news updates.

For instance take this site viz., here you can get updated news throughout the world.

In this site you can view a list of RSS feeds in the form of small orange colored buttons named as RSS. Separate buttons for each heading in the list. Every button has an associated link to XML file respectively and this is RSS file.

This XML file needs RSS reader to view as a readable content.

For that you have to install RSS reader in your system. Lot of RSS readers are available online for free. After you have installed the RSS reader, you can simply add this URL of the particular feed (XML file) and paste it in the RSS reader using the add option available in RSS reader. After adding the feed, it will look like headlines on the top and brief summary in the bottom and a link to full content of the news. On clicking the link you will lead to the above site for full detailed version.

Similarly you can add several RSS feeds of your interest available in other sites also.

The main usage of this is whenever the above site posts a new news article or updates, it will instantly be highlighted in your RSS reader as a new post and you can get attention to that particular update. And the RSS feed helps us to save lot of time by only selecting the particular headline which is of interest to us instead searching the whole site.

If you have any other suggestions, please post.