'Google Hell' Supplemental Sites

'Google Hell' Supplemental Sites

Supplemental sites are part of Google’s auxiliary index. Google will place fewer restraints on sites that it crawls for this supplemental index than it does on sites that are crawled for it’s main index. For example, the number of parameters in a URL might exclude a site from being crawled for inclusion in its main index; however, it could still be crawled and added to its supplemental index.

The index in which a site is included is completely automated; there’s no way for you to select or change the index in which your site appears. Please be assured that the index in which a site is included does not affect its Page Rank.


Why does Google put pages in the supplemental Results?

1. Duplicate Content - take someone else’s content.
2. No Content - create pages with no content.
3. Orphaned web pages. Pages that no one links to, including yourself.

The effects of Google hell

Pages from the ‘regular’ index will almost always show up first for any searches. The only time you’ll usually see ‘supplemental results’ is if there’s not many, or any, results in the regular index.

Supplemental Results also tend to have old Google Caches…..in other words, once Google has sent them to ‘Google Hell’, they tend not to come back….thus you’ll find pages in the Supplemental Results are dated long ago.


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