Live Search adds 'LinkfromDomain' operator: overview

Using Windows Live Search you may find the web pages a specific site
is linking to:

Live Search's WebLog reports that Microsoft has added a new command to its new search site, namely LinkFromDomain.

"Using LinkFromDomain in your search includes all sites that are linked from a given domain. This complements LinkDomain (which includes all sites that link to a given domain) that was introduced back in June,05"

Here are the sites Pandia is linking to according to Live Search. (There are probably more as Live Search does not have all our pages indexed). Use the following query to achieve this

If you want to know who are linking to Pandia, you use the following command:

You can also use this command to check out how many outbound links a specific site has to your site. Live Search has made a separate demo with an adapted search form that demonstrates this.More about Live Search's advanced operators.

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