15 Google spam filters and how to avoid them - Part 1

from facts of the week: Axandra newsletter 12 February 2007

"Google tries to keep its search results as clean as possible. For that reason, they have a variety of spam filters in their ranking algorithm that try to remove low quality web sites.

If your web site gets caught by one of these filters, it will be very difficult to get high Google rankings. In the next articles, we'll take a look a the 15 most common Google spam filters and we'll tell you how you can get around them.

Google's Sandbox, Google's Trust Rank and Google's domain age filter

These three Google filters all take a look at the age of a web site. Many web sites don't get very old. For that reason, Google implemented a filter that prevents new web sites from getting high rankings for competitive search terms. That filter is called Google's sandbox.

Google's TrustRank filter is closely related to that filter. Web sites with a high TrustRank get high rankings on Google. The TrustRank of a web site is determined by the age of a web site, the quality of inbound links and the contents of a web site.

The domain age filter is another filter that considers the age of your web site. Web sites with old domain names are more likely to get high rankings for competitive keywords on Google.
Further information about the sandbox, Google's TrustRank and domain name filters can be found in these articles:

How to get around these filters

It's not easy to get around these filters. As they all consider the age of your web site, you basically have to wait some time until Google releases your web site from the sandbox.
The best thing that you can do is to work on the content of your web site to show Google's web page spider that your web site is a valuable resource for your topic. Make sure that your web pages are relevant to your search terms.

In addition, get good inbound links to increase the TrustRank of your web site. The better the links to your web site, the higher your TrustRank and the higher your web site will rank on Google.

Next week, we're going to take a look at three link filters that Google uses to remove web sites from the search results."