The wisdom of orkut: new Orkut update


"Monday, March 26, 2007 at 4:00:00 PM"

"orkut product teamWish you could use the wisdom of crowds to help make decisions and get all yourquestions answered? Well, starting today you can post polls and discover thewisdom of

Now all you orkut users can create and post polls in any community that you are a member of. Just click a button in your favorite community, type in your question, and add pictures (if you like), and voila!—community members canvote and leave comments on your question of choice.

Having trouble deciding where to go to spend your holiday weekend, who to vote for in the next election, or how to solve a tough brain teaser? Login to orkut and see what your orkut friends think! You might not see this right away in your favorite communities, but the feature will be rolling out to everyone soon. "