Yahoo introduces the NOYDIR tag

A few days ago, Yahoo announced support for a new meta tag called "NOYDIR"। The new tag will complement the "NOODP" meta tag that is already supported by all major search engines.

What is the new NOYDIR tag?
Yahoo, Google and other search engines often use the title and the abstracts that are used in
Open Directory Project (ODP) listings or in Yahoo Directory listings for their search result lists.
Unfortunately, the titles and the descriptions that are used in these directories are often not the titles and descriptions that webmasters want to see in the search results।

The reason for that is that the editors of the directory assign the titles and the descriptions to the listed web sites and not the webmasters of the sites। Editors often see web sites differently than webmasters do.

In addition, these directory descriptions often become outdated and it is very difficult to change the title and the description of a web site in a big directory।

As many webmasters didn't like the ODP directory title and description in the search results on Google and other search engines, search engines invented the NOODP tag।

If the NOODP tag is used on a web page, search engines won't use the title and the description of the Open Directory Project entry for that web page. Yahoo now did the same with the NOYDIR tag.