Google Stops Sending Penalty Notification Emails Due To Fake Warnings

Dear webmasters,

Official google news from Official Google Webmaster Central Blog at 5/10/2007 11:43:00 AM

"We are aware that a number of German webmasters have received fake penalty notification emails that allegedly came from Google Search Quality. These spam emails have created some confusion about their authenticity, since we send very similar email notifications, which you can read more about here. Therefore, we clearly want to state that these emails are not related to any of Google's efforts concerning webmaster notification.
Updated: Because these emails are easy to mistake for authentic ones from Google, we've temporarily discontinued sending them as we work on ways to provide more secure communication mechanisms. We hope this will reduce confusion. "

Google will temporarily be halting the notification of webmaster penalty emails until they can "provide more secure communication mechanisms" for these no problem friends.