Gmail - new updates

  • invisible mode in Gmail chat

Last week Gmail Chat added a new status option: 'invisible' Now you can be logged in to Gmail Chat and see if your contacts are online, but they won't be able to see you're online.


Note: This Gmail feature is only available in the new version of Gmail, supported in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2. I wonder if less people will disable Gmail Chat or the feature will become less useful.

  • Google Talk 'Chatback'

Do you have a blog, online profile, or some other personal web page? Would you like to communicate more with your visitors? Today Google launching a new Google Talk feature that lets visitors to your web site chat with you. That is "chatback" because instead of you doing all the talking on your blog, your visitors can talk back to you. Sure, they could leave comments, but those are public and hard to use for a real conversation. With chatback, it's a real instant message session.

To use chatback, you must have a Google Talk account. but your visitors don't have to! They don't even need to have an email address, or to have ever used instant messaging.

Chatback isn't just for blogs. You can use it on any web page that you can add HTML content to. Visit chatback start page. (link on Google Talk homepage also)