Windows Live FolderShare

Windows Live FolderShare is a free service from Microsoft that helps you keep files and folders across multiple computers in sync with each other. You can access your files from any computer (mac also) that is connected to the Internet. Tongue out

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  • Keep all your files in sync
    Use FolderShare to create a mirrored image of your most important folders - like your Favorites, Pictures, and Documents - so they're the same on all your computers.
  • Sharing files is easier than ever
    Sharing with friends, co-workers, and family is easy when you add and update files in a shared library. Large files? Not a problem - FolderShare can sync files up to 2 GBs in size. And it works on both Mac and PC.
  • Get to your files instantly when you're away from home
    Install FolderShare on all your computers, and you can access all your files from any computer on the Internet.

This is the Login page,

windows live foldershare-home

Install this Windows FolderShare client on each of your computers to share files and access your computers remotely. It's must.Eye-rolling

After Windows Foldershare client installation, it's look like this in tray

windows live foldershare-pc client

Now I am accessing my office PC files from anywhere, Cool

windows live foldershare