Gmail Unread Messages - Feed

Gmail has a very cool feature to read the mail messages. that's all are not available in other webmail applications,

  • Feeds for unread messages,

This feed shows the most recent unread items from your inbox.

This feed shows the labeled messages. but it would be nice to have a comprehensive listing of all the unread messages, not just the ones that have a certain label.

I think most of users need to read unread mail messages only. so that Gmail option fulfil your needs. In the URLs above, you can replace "http" with "https" for more security.

  • Viewing Gmail messages with an aggregator,

To view Gmail messages in your aggregator, just subscribe to a new feed, enter in the URL field, and submit your Gmail address and password. You don't need to do a thing from within your Gmail account; you do it all from within your aggregator. it's recommend setting your aggregator to check for new Gmail messages once every ten minutes.

  • Which aggregators support Gmail?

Any aggregator that supports Atom 0.3, SSL/HTTPS, and HTTP authentication will work with Gmail's Atom feed. We've had luck with the following third-party aggregators:

  • Windows

  • Mac OS X
    Shrook 2 :

  • Linux